16th of April 2021, Friday, 12:17:14 PM

Top 5 Free Wallpaper Apps to Install On Your IPad In 2018

An iPad is probably one of the best devices you can own in the 21st century. Gone are the days when you had to stay long hours in the office to complete your work on a computer. With an iPad, you can remotely complete your work, access the internet, play games, and achieve virtually anything you could do on a PC. It is important to note that an iPad is not just meant for work and entertainment. It is a device that can go a long way in displaying your personality to the world. For this reason, you need to be extra careful when choosing a wallpaper for your device.

With a 9X7 inch display and 1024X786 pixels screen resolution, an iPad demands a great wallpaper. Luckily, you can access wonderful pre-installed wallpapers, or better still, you can download the images of your choice on a wide range of websites available on the internet. However, if you want the best modern images, designs, and patterns for your iPad, there are a number of apps where you can get them free of charge. They include:


This is doubtlessly one of the most recommended wallpaper apps for iPad. There are hundreds of full-sized images including nature, animals, celebrities, cartoons, royalty stock photos, anime, designs, and many others.

If you are a wallpaper enthusiast, you will probably download all images from this app. However, due to the fact that it is updated on regular basis, it will always offer you with something new to grace your screen. You hate an app which will bring hundreds of images without categorizing them, right? Not only will this type of app give you a hard time looking for the specific image you need, but it will also make your wallpaper search experience tiresome and boring. Wallpapers is an app which gives you an easy time searching for your favourite wallpapers for your iPad. It offers a wide range of categories including comedy, colour, music, celebrity, cartoon, and much more. There is a lot you can gain from this app, and it can sometimes be the only one you need to make your iPad screen adorable.

Romantic wallpapers

If you want your wallpaper to be filled with love, or you want to download an image and send it to your significant other as a display of the love you have for him/her, then all you need is this app. The images in it are romantic in nature, and mimic romantic cards. There are romantic titles and poems included in some of the images; hence you can use them to send a message, or use them as an inspiration when heart broken, or in moments of desperation when looking for a person to love.

The downside about Romantic Wallpapers is that it was specifically developed for iPod touch and iPhone; hence dozens of images might not have a sharp resolution to enable you use them on your iPad. However, this should not deter you from downloading the free app. With over 200 quality romantic images, there will certainly be something to fulfil your desires.

Blurred wallpapers

Making the apps in your iPad the most notable features on the screen is a sure way of making sure the screen stands out. Nothing will help you achieve this than a blurred wallpaper. With this free app, you can select a blurred image of your choice and download it, or you can upload your photo, and blurred effects or patterns on it, and save it for use as your preferred wallpaper. What makes the app one-of-a-kind is its ability to help the user create custom images, giving you a sure-fire way to accentuate your apps, and make your iPad unique.

Free Walls

This is an easy to navigate app that contains 100 images from different categories. The images are uncategorized, but since they are limited in number, you can easily get whatever you need to put on your iPad screen. When you install the app, all you need to do is open it, select the image you want to use, and save it. Critics do not recommend this app since contains few images available for download. However, the app is routinely updated, therefore you will get a host of different images from it. This is the reason why Free Walls makes it to our top list. The app is readily available on apple store.

Crystals wallpaper

Want to create amazing custom wallpapers to use on your iPad? Then install crystals wallpaper, which is readily available in the iOS app store free of charge. However, you will have an option to purchase premium and extra styles if you need super-quality end results.

To build your wallpaper, you will need to select your preferred style. There are three free style options, but you can purchase other styles in case you need more than what is provided (in –app purchase cost less than a dollar). Then, all that will be required of you is to tap as much on the screen, and every tap will create a host of colours and polygon shapes. To come up with more intricate patterns, get creative with the areas you tap. When you are satisfied with what you have made, save the image and set it as your iPad wallpaper. Simple!

PS: there is no limit of the number of wallpapers you can create using Crystals Wallpaper app. When through, swipe the screen up, and test your creativity by making as many wallpapers as you can.

How to set an image as a wallpaper on your iPad

Whenever you want to use an image from any of these apps as wallpaper for your iPad, you will need to click the save button and it will be saved to you photo gallery. Then, click the arrow located at the right side of your photo library, and an option to use the image as wallpaper will pop up. Click it and hurray! You will have achieved your iPad wallpaper goals. Using these apps, you can easily add a wallpaper on your iPad without having to do thousands of searches on the web. Save yourself the hassle, and install any of the above free wallpaper apps. Cheers!